About us

INNObyte IT Ltd. was established in 2014 by experts with significant experience. We believe that every IT development can be better, simpler. We are continuously searching for innovative development technologies and methods. Our goal is to provide solutions to our customers as soon as possible and to minimize the time between formulating the demands and delivering the solution.



Application development
Architecture planning
IT security
IT Consultancy

Artifical Intelligence

AI is perhaps the most intriguing field in IT today and harnessing the ever increasing potential in AI puts our applications on the cutting edge of technology. However, it is not technology itself, we pride ourselves in: What sets us apart from buzzword-riders showcasing expensive toys is that we focus on practicality. Our expertise in machine learning, natural language processing and speech technology allow us to deliver highly effective solutions to the real-world problems of our customers. We offer AI-enabled voice and chat platforms complemented by AI analytics to give our customers the competitive advantage that sets them apart in their own business domain.

Architecture planning

Our architect planning method uses the Open Group TOGAF framework, which includes the business, data, application and physical architecture planning. The result of the architecture planning is the creation of application development documentation, which defines and demonstrates the most important business goals, requirements and connections between use cases and implementation. When creating a system these correlations should be traced (traceability matrix). With this the planning documentation goes along with the system development, follows the steps of development and by this the differences can be handled quickly. The architecture planes are created with EA assets (ARIS, MEGA, EA). When planning a system we prepare the documents for choosing the supplier, tender invitations and technical documents.

Application development

Our applications are made in .Net and Java and we use a wide range of database technologies and Avaya CC technology. Our high level system engineering solutions are used by multinational companies, SME-s, church institutions, public administrations and governmental organizations.

Our Contact Center industry solutions cover the whole scale of the CC workflow: from the handling of incoming calls to PBX to the whole reporting process. As the supplier of market leading communication solutions we work together with the biggest national telecommunication company.

One of our biggest unique application development is for the maintenance of public educational institutions (FTR). Other than this we provide the EU projects beneficiaries IT applications for handling the project progress and managing the budget. In our portfolio there are also some exiting works such as the participation in the development of an interactive application based on Nuance voice analytics.

IT Consultancy

We created our solutions based on the COBIT 5 method. The bases are the following: consultancy on creating IT Governance, ITIL based service management system, IT organisation development, and support of outsourced services with Service Level Management system. Our consultants are experienced in quality management of IT development, especially projects financed by EU sources. We are available in IT security questions as well, ranging from accomplishing BCP/DRP projects to fulfilling tasks specified by the 2013 L. law.

IT security

Our services range from implanting IT security audits to creating control documents to the whole IT organisation. Our method is based on the COBIT 5 framework which is accepted by ISACA, with adding elements from the ISO 27000 standard. In addition to these, our colleagues are ready to create IT security regulations, measure and document the business continuity and disaster relief activates. For implementing the IT security it is not enough to create the regulation documents, we also have to create educational resources of these. Depending on the size and decisions of the organization we offer local or e-learning opportunities.


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