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The AI is the field of IT hiding maybe the most exciting possibilities, our products represent the front line of technology owing to the artificial intelligence used in our solutions. Nevertheless we are proud of not that, sith there are many implementations offered in the market which are favourable but hardly promising quantified profit – for us the real added value is indicated not by the technology itself but the practical solutions given to our clients’ real problems. Due to our competency acquired in machine learning, speech and data analysis and our experiences we are able to deliver artificially intelligent solutions employed both in audio and written channels which help our clients gain competitive advantages in their own business area.


Our method of architecure planning is built on the framework of Open Group TOGAF, which is extended to planning business, data, applicational and physical architecture. The result of the architecture planning activity is the creation of the established design documentation of the application development, the most important elements of which are business goals, requirements, definition and presentation of business relationships between the use cases and implementing. During the system development it is necessary to trace these relationships (traceability matrix). In this way the design documentation lives together with the system development, follows the stages of the development hereby the treatment of the diversions can take place soon. We create the architecture plans with the help of EA tools (ARIS, MEGA, EA). During the system engineering we compile the documentations necessary to choose the supplier, invitations to tender, technical manuals.


We are present both in the national and international markets with our own products and product developments.Our applications are made with .Net and Java technology, we use widely different data base technologies as well as Avaya CC technology. Our high level system engineering solutions are used by market leader multinational companies, SMEs, ecclesiastical institution maintainers, administrative and governmental organizations. Our industry-specific solutions used in Contact Center Technology are the solutions covering the whole CC labour process: arrival of the incoming call into the subcentre through the whole reporting process. As the supplier of the market leader communicational solutions we work together with the biggest inland telecommunications company. Formation of the Maintenance Teaching Management System for the maintainers of public educational intitutions excels from our custom application developments. In addition, we are developing beneficiary side IT applications for grantees of the EU projects, which helps the progression of particular projects and management of their budget. Furthermore our portfolio is coloured by works as participation in development of interactive applications based on Nuance voice analysis.


We built up our services on the strength of COBIT 5 methodology. Its cornerstones are consultancy in reference to formation of IT Governance, furthermore the service management system built on the basis of ITIL, the development of IT organisation, as well as expert support of outsourced Service Level Management system formation especially in point of projects funded by EU sources. We are also available in solution of IT security questions on the one hand in implementation of BCP/DRP design project, on the other hand in point of fulfillment of tasks required by 2013. L law.


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