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Home office at INNObyte

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Home office at INNObyte


Due to the means of digital technology nowadays almost anyone is able to perform work from anywhere, even from home or another country. We could think that the concept of home office isn’t far from an IT company as the technical conditions are given, furthermore there is the knowledge and competency for it also, not to say that the possibility of home office was always given in our company, a part of our employees – even before the virus situation – worked this way. However the situation is not so easy especially when a company believes in the power of teamwork and builds on it, as we do at Innobyte.

The common discussions, meetings, brainstormings and the regular ice cream eating are integral parts of the company’s everyday life. We missed them very much during the quarantine time. As the weeks passed, we also started to live together with exceptional situation and in spite of the home office tried to keep the team together with different methods. As we were eager to know our colleagues’ opinion about it, what they think about working at home at all we surveyed the experiences connected to home office.

The results of the search confirmed the fact experienced by us as well that our colleagues are able to work from home efficiently and smoothly. 70 % of them feels that is able to schedule the time well. Those who indicated obstructions, difficulties in connection of it usually srtuggled with the difficulties of digital education or the neighbours performing renovations. Many of them think that exclusive computer communication makes harder and slower to negotiate but nobody felt this problem critical.

Meanwhile we raised the question if it worths to operate an all staff company communicational platform during this period. 15 % of the colleagues answered that would take part in it actively, 70 % of the responders would occasionally join it. In connection of the necessary technical means and systems we got the feedback that they always work on 90 % of our colleagues but at 10 % they malfunction at times.

The team consistency is shown by the fact that everyone knew where to turn in professional and operative questions. The weekly informational letters are mostly considered a good idea, they would be read with pleasure even after the pandemia. Our colleagues mostly missed their workmates (70 %), the office (40%), the coffee (30%), the kitchen, the common ice cream eating and the breakfasts, in short the social aspects of work during the quarantine.

The responders considered the benefit of home office not getting up early, being more together with their family, in addition people have more reserves due to missed travelling. The lack of social interaction has appeared as a disadvantage, because no matter how much we work in front of screens, we require the presence of others. Despite this, several people have indicated that if there is still a home office option, they would love to take it


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