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What can be done if, in the course of a project, the client’s data and information protection standards exclude the possibility of using public clouds operated by third parties? The answer: let’s build our own cloud service!

In 2021, INNObyte Zrt. started setting up its own private cloud service for the purpose of satisfying constantly rising external client demands and the development of in-house development and operational processes. The aim was to create an environment which, in addition to high availability, has the necessary processing and storage capacities, while at the same time it is dynamically scalable, thus guaranteeing adaptability over the long term to continuously increasing capacity requirements of ever-expanding projects.

The environment that has been established provides a home not only for the INNObyte developer environment, but the in-house apps and test systems supporting the processes of the Call Center, Contact Center service line are also hosted here, including further developments of the AI-based business assistant.

In the course of designing the service and naturally alongside many other demands and parameters, we also took into consideration the need for the system to have the capacity to run containerized applications besides virtualization technologies that can be considered mainstream these days. Given these criteria, a hybrid system has been developed that taking into consideration the different and constantly changing demands provides the opportunity for running traditional virtual servers and at the same time the containers to be operated can be located in a standard Kubernetes environment. Thus, scalability and flexibility provided by private cloud operating on Vmware bases are further extended with services offered by the Kubernetes environment.

The INNObyte team carried out the planning and execution of the system in their entirety. The team consists of experts specialized in hardware environments and the field of service providers, those with responsibility for security, specialists in network environments and containerization technologies.

Through the private cloud solution that has been established, INNObyte can supply its clients with a customized own service that meets their data protection needs in all ways.


Author: Ders Nagy, INNObyte system administrator


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