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INNObyte photo competition

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INNObyte photo competition


In autumn 2020, we organized the first INNObyte in-house photo competition. One of the areas that participants could work on was what it meant to them to be INNObyte employees and part of a great team. In fact, entries for the competition were accepted in three topics: Life in INNObyte, Work in INNObyte and outside INNObyte. The competition was open to all professional and amateur photographers.

We awarded prizes for the best photo in all three categories:

  • István Mátyás Fűri, a system engineer colleague, won first prize in the Life in INNObyte category with his photograph entitled Budapest Office Contemplation;
  • Gergely Kocsis, project manager, came first in the Work in INNObyte category with Sunset in the Office;
  • Balázs Szabó, section manager, took the Under Quarantine outside INNObyte category with his picture entitled Family_First_2.

The prize for gold medal winners was a LEGO box of choice and a bottle of whisky.

System engineer Dárió Gyöke won a competition special prize with his photograph Despite Covid, Work Goes On and section manager Gábor Radványi was awarded a special prize for his work Family_Chillin’. They both received special prize plaques.

We arranged a temporary exhibition of the photographs in the office.

We would like to take this opportunity of congratulating the winners and we thank everyone who participated in the competition and shared their experiences and photos. For all those who were unable to send in entries to this year’s competition, don’t be downhearted because in view of the huge success we intend to stage the competition again next year.


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