You are currently viewing „Pocketdoki” – Revolutionary innovation in diagnostics and doctor-patient communication

„Pocketdoki” – Revolutionary innovation in diagnostics and doctor-patient communication

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„Pocketdoki” - Revolutionary innovation in diagnostics and doctor-patient communication


INNObyte always produces custom softwares. We do not think in templates, we always create a unique solution for special needs, but it is also rarely possible for us to develop innovative technology that can help even the whole of society. For this reason, we are very pleased to announce that we are developing a complex medical digital measuring tool and cloud-based application that will enable more effective detection of endemics and a new form of patient road management. INNObyte’s unique and unprecedented novelty is the novel communication of health parameters: with the help of a digital assistant, it is possible to broadcast the “remote find” to users who are unable to use smart devices because of their situation. The development is carried out with the help of the GINOP-2.1.2-8.1.4-16 support scheme. The total budget of the project is HUF 347.3 million, of which the grant is HUF 191.01 million.

The development has already been reported by a number of media outlets, including Technocrata, Infospace, Insider Blog, World Economy or Infoworld. Trend FM, Kossuth Radio and Manna FM, as well as the Monitor interviewed József Molnár, Chief Operating Officer of INNObyte, and Karc FM interviewed Monika Iszály, Director of Product and Service Development at INNObyte.

Our application under development eliminates the limited amount of data measurement of existing health measuring devices and the limited processing capacity of external devices. PocketDoki will be an integrated digital health measuring device that constantly examines the parameters of its customers, looking for links to the development and diagnosis of folk diseases.  The project will be implemented within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 programme.

As a result of the development, the cloud-based application stores the patient’s data, health parameters, his/her physicians’ availability and transmits the “remote find” to the central repository via an encrypted standard inferface (e.g. Bluetooth, mobile telecommunications or WiFi technology). The application stores information about the last measurements on a smart device and compares the incoming data with the typical parameters of the client then recomposes it into understandable data. The app can notify the healthcare institution and medical staff and relatives if necessary. At a later stage of development, it may also be suitable for the organization of the patient route.

And for those who can’t handle smart devices, we’re developing a digital healthcare assistant within the framework of the project, which is essentially a smart “speech system”, similar to a natural human voice, able to answer questions, thereby facilitating customer-centric and more detailed information exchange.


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