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Project Manager of the Year Award 2020 – Press release

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Project Manager of the Year Award 2020 – Press release


Project Manager of the Year Award presented for the 20th occasion

Specialist involved in overseeing the rollout of instant payment collects the prize

The global pandemic posed challenges for the project management profession. The continuation and success of investments that can run into tens of billions of forints, as well as people’s jobs, depend on what decisions organizations reach even now. Those enterprises working with flexible, highly trained experts are able to minimize their loses, and in this respect project managers have a significant role to play. This is the 20th year that the Hungarian Association for Project Management Excellence has presented the Project Manager of the Year Award (chief sponsor of which is the Ministry of Finance). The aim is to set the focus on the profession and recognize its finest experts. In this, the jubilee year, the award went to Dr. Mónika Iszály, Director of Product and Service Development at Innobyte Zrt. She can now go on to represent the country at the international competition in which several Hungarian professionals have already achieved podium places.


The time taken for implementation of developments, the cost and results depend to a large degree on the quality of the project management, which is why for all those interested in quality, time and money – from the working out of the concept all to way to project closure – their best bet is to leave it to the experts: project managers. This is precisely why project management has quickly become an established profession and demand for qualified professionals has increased.

The knock-on impact of the pandemic has been that organizations and companies around the world have been forced to transform their operational models from the grassroots up in order to survive the crisis. Amidst these changed circumstances, the role of highly trained, qualified project managers has also been uprated. Whereas previously some project management solutions may have appeared more convenient than necessary, in 2020 they have often been life saving.

According to Péter Boros, Chairman of the Association for Project Management Excellenceorganizations in many areas have recognized that not only do they have to constantly evolve and develop in the increasingly competitive environment, but they must know how to adapt rapidly and effectively to changing, even unexpected circumstances. It is essential that the project management profession has the methodologies and tools that serve this purpose, not forgetting the need for project managers who can utilize and improve these.

“Hungary is in a state of constant competition and our qualified project managers also contribute to the country’s success with their expertise,” Péter Boros emphasized.

Through the professional competition, Project Manager of the Year places the spotlight on exemplary achievements and careers. This year, activity related to innovations featured particularly strongly in the tenders, with fields covering virtually the entire real economy and ranging in value from hundreds of millions to tens of billions of forints.

The 20th Project Manager of the Year Award was presented to Dr. Mónika Iszály, Director of Product and Service Development at Innobyte Zrt. Under the leadership of the professional, the rollout of instant payments was realized: every individual transaction under HUF 10 million is effected within 5 seconds, 24 hours a day. During the course of the project, a completely new infrastructure leveraging modern solutions was put in place. 

“One of the most important values and tasks of a project manager is assembling and maintaining the right project team, and guaranteeing all the conditions necessary to ensure that the project team members are able to carry out their designated tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible,” the award-winner said.

Project Manager of the Year automatically receives the right to go through to the international competition of one of the longest-established international project management organizations, the International Project Management Association (IPMA), where several Hungarian professionals have already managed to finish high up the rankings. In 2014, the 2013 Hungary winner finished third at the international event, while a year later the Hungarian candidate carried away first prize from the IPMA Global Awards ceremony. Last year’s winner of the Project Manager of the Year Award similarly took bronze at the international competition.

special prize was also presented at the awards ceremony, which the Association for Project Management Excellence holds every year to coincide with International Project Management Day. This prize went to Zsófia Szabó, project manager at DXC Technology Magyarország Kft. She had directed the unification project of enterprise management processes for MÁV Group.

Project Manager of the Year Award

The objective of the annual award is to recognize outstanding professionals in Hungarian project management, to showcase the achievements of a successful project and through them to focus attention on the significance of project management expertise and the profession itself. Organizer of the Project Manager of the Year Award is the Association for Project Management Excellence comprising representatives of the community of project management professional bodies.

Members of the Association for Project Management Excellence:
  • Hungarian Association of Contractors (FŐVOSZ)
  • Scientific Association for Infocommunications Project Management Department (TIPIK)
  • Association of Informatics, Telecommunications and Electronics Enterprises (IVSZ)
  • Hungarian Project Management Association (PMSZ)
  • PMI Budapest, Hungary Branch (PMI Budapest)
  • Association of Architects (ÉTE)

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