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Project: Mail Hybrid

Within the framework of KÖFOP, Magyar Posta Zrt. has started the development of a mail tracking system in which the idems of the identified mail items are read at several points in the postal technology process – not only parcels, but also postal identified mail. The project also includes the reorganisation of the follow-up of information on the life of mail (internal process organisation) and the implementation of related IT developments and asset purchases.

The development – taking advantage of the opportunities offered by electronic communication technologies –  modifies the entire logistical process of the current “physical” letter, increases its efficiency, quality, transparency, improves its planning and is an integral part of the government’s efforts to establish a full e-administration.

The main objective of the development is to eliminate the uncertainties arising from the lack of information, to increase transparency and to facilitate compliance with deadlines, and the development represents a significant reduction in costs and administrative burdens for both Magyar Posta and service users – public administrations, enterprises, retail clients.

With the development, a new letter product, the identified letter, will be introduced, at the same time the internal paper receipt will be terminated. Proof of delivery is then made available to the sender as an electronic document, including an image of the signature, or, where an additional service is used, as a certified paper document, which allows a significant proportion of mail sent to the post office to be identified, thus ensuring traces of postal technology with depth and availability depending on the product type. Innovation also creates additional convenience for customers and supports the delivery process.

The aim of the project is to be able to make certified paper copies of the electronic delivery certificate in the hybrid system of Magyar Posta Zrt., to be able to handle the identified mail items, to modify the handling processes of the shipment identification (rag number) and to ensure the correct sorting order for the dispatch of the shipments during the production and in the OLK.

We have helped the customer to identify and remedy the defects of the newly developed Electronic Delivery System (EKR), which is the basis for tracking shipments.


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