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Magyar Telekom


Project: Vanda

Magyar Telekom’s incoming and outgoing IVR system has been extended with ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (Text-to-Speech) features to enable it to recognize the customer’s intention based on a live-word “conversation” with the subscriber and to implement entire business processes (such as password changes, error reporting, data matching, etc.).  Thanks to the expansion, the system directs customers to the right place with an accuracy of more than 95%, and more than a fifth of calls can be treated through available channels without live agent interaction.

In 2017, the implementation of the Vanda project was an exciting challenge, because it is a real innovation in several aspects: it was the first business assistant in Hungary and the first solution offered by our team as a private cloud service. It has fully automated business processes – which can be edited and improved by the customer – appears as a stand-alone product on T-Systems’ offer, and has been expanding its knowledge since then along the lines of the product development strategy. Development took six months, the system reached the total server capacity by August 2018, since then all the Hungarian telekom residential customer service calls have been handled by Vanda. This means five million calls a year and more than a million self-service processes, treated from start to finish without live agent interaction.

Up to this day  we actively support Magyar Telekom in the Vanda project.


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