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Project: POT

The National Food Safety Agency (NÉBIH) is required by law to register or authorise all food and feed business contractors. The POT (Partner Object Master Data) system contains the body of the NEBIH partner and object (also known as PTH). The INNObyte application deals with the master database of the entire food and feed business operator NEBIH, which at the moment represents millions of records, of which a significant number change with a daily frequency. One of the biggest challenges of development is the rapid change in legislation and the interpretation of legal language.

POT-ENYR can be divided into three logical units: partner body, library, and professional master data management. The POT-ENYR system in the NEBIH infrastructure is the central master data management system, storing the professional master data and libraries used by more than one specialist system. Thus, the updating of tables, the accuracy and speed of accesses by specialist systems are vital for the functioning of the NEBIH. The legislation affecting the register is constantly expanding, the range of data to be registered is constantly updated and changing.

To date, we are actively supporting the National Food Safety Agency in the POT project.

Project: ÖCSI

There are currently around 400,000 producers in Hungary who have to submit declarations annually and renew their producer’s passes. According to the legislation currently in force, the NEBIH maintains a register of national data on agricultural producer’s passes on the basis of the data service provided by the county administrations of the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), which is done in the food chain and official surveillance information system under Act XLVI of 2008 on the food chain supervision. NAK’s staff also deal with the registration of new producers and the administration of ceased primary producers during the year.

INNObyte has helped the principal to comply with legal obligations and to keep the data of the producers up to date. The elaborated system supports the production of regular or periodic management reports, – its maintenance, the transfer of legislative changes affecting the producers during the year is continuous. The system is available 24 hours a day on the NEBIH’s internal network. Support is done during normal office hours.

The development ended in 2019, but to this day we are actively supporting the National Food Safety Agency in the ÖCSI project.


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