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TED INNObyte – we are 5 years old

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TED INNObyte – we are 5 years old


On November 14, 2019, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of INNObyte’s founding. We have an exciting period behind us, with a lot of interesting work, experience, continuous development.  Doubled every year the number of employees increased to almost 200 people, moreover we went from Kft. to Zrt. just that month, so we wanted to celebrate our birthday also accordingly. Those who know us are well aware that our goal is to create quality with each project, service, solution, that we like to create, to produce unique softwares. This direction also guided us when as an apropos of our birthday we dreamed up an unusual TED INNObyte event for our partners.  At the same time, we have typically offered the amount for visual appearance to charity in the spirit of social responsibility.


Our professional speakers and artists invited to TED INNObyte have made extraordinary speeches on IT. Following the leaders’ retrospective speeches, Péter Tarnóy gave an unbound lecture on E-mobility and technological development, which is also interesting for lay people. The professional has been involved in e-mobility in Hungary since 2009, his company initiated the Jedlik Ányos Plan and founded the Jedlik Ányos Cluster. Adam Domján then introduced the participants to the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence. INNObyte’s leading developer has been working in software development for 20 years, and for 3 years has been involved in artificial intelligence solutions in the world of voice response systems, focusing more specifically on NLP, i.e. machine text and speech intellation. The two professional performances were followed by an exciting performance: Natasha Stork, with the help of the invitees, created the perfect man, played by Zsolt Végh. The final conclusion of programming was that the perfect man is actually a woman.  In the first few minutes, most participants thought Natasha Stork’s presentation was a professional performance based on the actress’ dress, preparedness and presentation. The play, performed by the actor, was written specifically for the occasion by Borbála Szabó, known for her fine humour.


Of course, it wouldn’t have been a birthday if the event had not been accompanied by a cake with the INNObyte logo and a delicious dinner during which the duo Zsolt Bende and Linda Kovács was playing catchy jazz music. The unbound event gave us the opportunity to talk to our customers and partners in a long and good mood. And the feedback continued to confirm that we were heading in the right direction. We feel that we have managed to celebrate this illustrial occasion, the achievements of the last five years, in an appropriate way.


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