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While everything is digitalized in the world, the role of informatics is upvalued by leaps and bounds year by year, often month by month there is a serious lack of professional teams implementing IT projects also within this developing custom applications and adaptation of integrational tasks in high quality. One of the motor springs of formation INNObyte was even initiation of proprietary software production, it is not a coincidence that most of the INNObyte team counting near 200 people presently are IT experts, IT economists, programmers or mathematician specialists taking part in software production directly; the number of the people responsible for operation of the firm, administration, monetary affairs or communication is under 10%. We are looking for partners, we are thinking in teams, that is why we do not regret time, energy for recruitment. Last year we were able to assemble an elite corps which is able to understand the clients and the expectations perfectly, working fast, effectively and in high quality.


Lengyel Kálmán


„INNObyte’s key strengths include flexibility and speed. Since decision-making is quick, we can respond to market demand immediately. The market is very receptive to new technologies, which is why we provide innovative services and develop custom software. We avoid thinking inside the box and always offer tailored solutions to individual needs.”


Blénessy László

Advisor to the CEO and member of the Board of Directors at 4iG, and advisor to the CEO at INNObyte

„The client and the software developer speak two different languages. When a client says that he needs an application, then in his mind he imagines a nice colourful image, whereas a developer sees processes and bits. This is why the results may differ from how the client originally imagined them. Any company can have talented developers, but there are few who know how to bring these two worlds closer to each other. Success will come to those who can precisely identify their clients’ needs.”


Dr. Iszály Mónika

Director of Product and Service Development

„One of our main goals is to create value, i.e. to develop products and services that the market and the users actually need. If we manage to achieve this, then we can reap long-term rewards while making our mark in the world and can make people’s lives better, easier or happier.”


Barkóczi Nándor

Commercial Manager

„The motto ‘Make IT simple’ definitely applies to us: we implement projects rationally and within a reasonable scope, and so the brainpower and added value that make up this company can serve business interests at the highest level – not in an overcomplicated way, but in a purposeful and logical manner.”


Schweitzer Antal

Division Manager

„Software production creates something new from nothing. This requires endless patience, understanding and flexibility, as well as experience and discussion to be able to recognise needs in a timely manner. This is why we build teams of junior staff around more experienced senior software production experts. In recent years, the company has managed to assemble an elite team which understands clients and their expectations perfectly, and delivers quality results quickly and efficiently.”


Balatonyi Iván

Division Manager

„High-quality software production is sustainable and clear. Simply put, high-quality software production is when the client is satisfied. But we can take this a step further, and we always strive to bring the client further than how far they can see.”


Révai Márton

Office Manager

„In addition to professionalism and an attentive management team that excels at coordinating and mentoring, what employees find most appealing about INNObyte is the family-like atmosphere among colleagues. Social events help us step out from the work environment and allow us to get to know each other. Additionally, the company goes to great lengths to achieve a healthy work-life balance.”


Kiss Mihály

Delivery Director

„Being human-centred and respecting the values and needs of people are particularly important aspects for us when implementing projects. This also applies to our clients, for whom a new system implemented and introduced as part of a project represents a change that we need to manage appropriately while keeping business indicators at the same level. The same applies to our staff who deliver exceptional performance day after day as they maintain a balance between project tasks and private life. We are well aware that achieving work-life balance is not always easy; however, it is part of our core values here at INNObyte in our commitment to supporting our staff and partners.”


Czirják Erika

Finance Manager

„One of the reasons why our clients appreciate working with us is our ability to accomplish impossible tasks in a timely manner. We react quickly and implement client projects with very short turnaround times while offering the level of quality desired by the client. This causes the client to experience an “Aha!” moment, and they will gladly contact us the next time as well.”


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