You are currently viewing Trust is extremely important – interview with Erika Czirják, Finance Manager at INNObyte Zrt.

Trust is extremely important – interview with Erika Czirják, Finance Manager at INNObyte Zrt.

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Trust is extremely important – interview with Erika Czirják, Finance Manager at INNObyte Zrt.


We asked Erika Czirják, manager with responsibility for financial affairs, about her role at INNObyte, the challenges and the attractions of accountancy, and how she managed to handle the task in her sector of expanding from a three-person company into an enterprise employing 200 people in just five years. This series is designed to introduce our colleagues who, day by day, work to ensure that INNObyte is able to serve its clients to such a high level and with such speed. Earlier interviews were conducted with Iván Balatonyi and Márton Révai.

What sort of tasks are you in charge of at INNObyte?

My duties are pretty wide-ranging: I carry out bookkeeping, payroll accounting and taxation matters for INNObyte Zrt., furthermore, I handle tax returns and reports, I maintain contact with the auditor, I arrange data provision to 4iG, and I also monitor the migration to the new enterprise resource planning system.

In five years, INNObyte went from a three-person company to an enterprise with a staff of 200. How was it possible to keep pace with this dynamic growth?

Earlier, I worked in an accountancy office. Kálmán Lengyel and József Molnár, the two founders of INNObyte, commissioned this office with the accounting tasks, which I personally worked on. Tasks related to the limited liability company gradually increased due to an expansion in their scope of activity and staff. Given the size of the company, I needed to devote all my working time to it. I didn’t look on this as a burden and I was delighted that the management of INNObyte Kft. was satisfied with my work. As a consequence of this, from January 2019 I have worked for INNObyte.

Were there any tasks over the past few years that you experienced as a particular challenge and you managed to find a solution to?

The first such challenge was when the company transformed from a limited liability enterprise to a Zrt. (private Plc), which occurred in October 2019. In compliance with the regulations, for the transformation I had to draw up several statements. In this, I was assisted by the auditor and in the final analysis I managed to fulfil this mission successfully. The following year, in 2020, I faced a new challenge, the acquisition, which demanded a total audit of the previous five years in a short time. Since I have been doing the books for the company from the beginning, I was familiar with the entire material. The fact that everything was found to be in order was down to my successful and effective work in earlier years.

What do you like most in your work?

Opportunities to develop, the new challenges I come across – as far as I am concerned, this area is far from dull for me, I really like dealing with numbers. The productivity of my annual work is measured in terms of a successful end-of-year closure, when the material controlled and approved by the auditor leaves my desk. This is always a great feeling.

Why do you like working at INNObyte?

From the very first minute, everybody was extremely relaxed and friendly. I work together with the type of people with whom it is easy to collaborate and I immediately found things in common with them.

INNObyte Zrt. pays particular attention to ensuring a healthy work-life balance for its staff. How does INNObyte Zrt.’s approach and system of values help you?

In my opinion, the company attitude is extremely positive. The opportunity for home office – irrespective of the COVID-19 epidemic and the regulations brought in its wake – was available to us even earlier. I was always able flexibly to take advantage of this possibility at INNObyte, thus I found it easier to coordinate my work and matters outside work. Mutual trust is very important for all of us.


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